1、Competition Concept:

Everlasting pursuit for product innovation and cost performance.

2、Development Concept:

Strategy as creed, innovation as tool, being excellence as goal.

3、Institution Concept:

Constituted by reason, Implemented by force.

4、Employment Concept:

give full scope to the talents, make full use of resources

5、Implement Concept:

Efficiency in priority , exploring methods rather than making excuses.

6、Learning Concept:

Learning from the best, creating the unique,  surpassing the competitors.

7、Responsibility Concept:

I am the root of everything, undertaking responsibilities leads to success.

8、Achievement Concept:

Achievement is the only contribution to enterprise.

9、Quality Concept:

Customer's experience as design concept, customer's standard as manufacturing standard.

10、Marketing Concept:

Selling same products with uniqueness against competitors.