Shilin lighting Anhui Province won the fifth national invention patent award

责任编辑:   2017-06-24 10:28:45

The day before, learned from the Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau, Anhui Shilin lighting Limited by Share Ltd a patent, "a wide angle of good heat LED ball bubble lamp" won the fifth national patent award, only one enterprise which is the Mount Holyoke County received this award.

      Anhui Shilin lighting Limited by Share Ltd is a set design, manufacture, production and marketing of modern lighting enterprises import and export service as a whole, has one of the largest production base of domestic lighting and LED light source. As a high-tech enterprise, Shilin lighting has a provincial-level technology center (Industrial Design Center), engineering technology research center, product testing center and post doctoral scientific research workstation, "SHILIN", "Selim" trademark were identified as "A Well-Known Trademark in China" and "Anhui famous trademark", leading LED lighting products won the "high-tech products", "Anhui famous brand" and "Anhui industrial products" title.