Guangxi Shilin lighting area VIP years customer appreciation will come to an end

责任编辑:   2017-07-03 10:36:41

In July 2, 2017, Guangxi Shilin lighting area VIP years customer appreciation will come to an end.

Thanks for the Guangxi regional loyal customers support for Anhui Shilin long, Shilin lighting in Foshan Shilin Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Yulin ever six electrical trading company, organized a 4 day study tour activities.

In June 28, 2017, Shilin Guangxi VIP customers, a line of more than 40 people arrived at the headquarters of the Mount Holyoke in Shilin County, through a careful preparation of the welcome dinner, toast each other closer the distance between firms.

 June 29, 2017, officially opened a four day tour conference itinerary. The Guangxi dealer first in the morning visited the "new Chinese first dam" - "the most China Foziling dam, wine Xiang Yingjia Wine Museum, and in the afternoon in the industrial park to participate in a short answer thanks, in-depth understanding of products and the people of the forest.

June 30, 2017 to July 2nd, Guangxi Shilin lighting distributors in the organization, has visited the "Hongcun area", "Mount Huangshan scenic area", "Anhui Campaign Memorial Hall and Anhui Hall of fame". Careful organization, rich travel content, enthusiastic service attitude, the Shilin lighting won the distribution of friends has been received, we have said: "the forest products for customers at ease, the man let customers peace of mind, and the cooperation to make people happy". Will strengthen and Shilin lighting cooperation, join hands and strive to Guangxi Shilin lighting market bigger and stronger, to achieve a win-win situation.